About Us

PKRISHT is the international Intellectual Property (IP) research consultation firm. PKRISHT focuses on utilization of most advanced IP knowledge to build commerce. PKRISHT aims for conversion of most advanced technologies which were protected via patents and other forms of IPR, to build highly innovative and advanced products for daily usage by society. PKRISHT provides products and services for exploiting the IP in best possible ways to generate maximum revenue from it.

PKRISHT provides in depth insights for latest technology development trends in all areas of technology as per user requirements. PKRISHT provides strategic platform to join hands between technology seekers and technology or patent holder's for effective Technology Licencing, Technology Transfer as well as for Technology Commercialization.

PKRISHT provides very important platform and linkage for highly innovative foreign patent holders, to file patent in India and to form strategic partnership with eminent industry players in vast Indian market for Technology Licencing, Technology Transfer and Technology Commercialization.

PKRISHT also provides search services with respect to most advanced innovative Product Designs developed and registered internationally, and ways to commercialize it.